Monday, June 17, 2013

children mirror their parents

we all know how our politic runs here
more and more people are opposing the government
well, people have their own believe and opinions

but what i don't agree is to instill such negativity on the younger generation
children will grow up believing what their parents believe
parents, please don't ruin your children's life

can we change anything with this behaviour?
p/s: opinion and opinion only, you might think differently

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shakespeare play: 12th Night

12th Night: or what will you 
 a play by ED220 6B

it was AWESOME!!

though we were nervous like hell
tired, scared, confused 
but we managed to nail it ^___^

here are some pictures to share




stage manager

mavolio n andrew

director n fiona

with Antonia

lepaking after the show

it was fun
very fun
i am proud with my class
hope we can do something like this again

p/s: dramaaaa

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Shakespeare: 12th Night

wow, 2 months i have not posted anything
miss me?

well, i've been very busy with assignments and more
especially since my batch is performing Shakespeare's plays
yup..on stage baby!

for my class, we are staging a play entitle
12th Night: or What will you
and i AM the DIRECTOR!
hehehe (thankyouthankyou)
it is not an easy task

many problems did we encounter
booking place, editing play, practise, costumes, props
you name it
but with 'commintment' from everyone
all issues are settled now

here is our poster
if you are in Shah Alam on that day
do come and support me

p/s: penat..cannot write properly

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