Wednesday, October 24, 2012


halloween fever is ON!!!

i went to Tropicana City Mall for Nuffnang premiere Screening
see, halloween decorations are up
spooky?? naahhh, cute maa

TIm Burton is the best
i love Frankenweenie
so cute, so scary, so unique
black and whitebut with recent information
i wonder when is the time setting

next movie okey
*jack frost hensem maa*

me date Ita =)

p/s: lalalalal <3 free movie

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Whatchuwant Pimp My Ride

calling all CELCOM users especially XPAX user
have you heard about " XPAX Whatchuwant" contest?

well, you can win lots of prizes
more than Rm 10 000  DAILY!!
  1. Samsung 40" smart full HD LED tv
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0
  3. Nicon Coolpix waterproof AW100
  4. Samsung Galaxy S III
told ya..
    visit this site click here for more info

oh yes..another thing


please2 pimp this ride

this is my housemate's car

why should you pimp this car?
here are the list:

-berusia lebih 20 tahun
-lampu (belakang kiri, signal kiri, depan kanan) rosak
-cermin sisi kiri rosak
-pintu belakang kanan tak boleh bukak)
-pintu belakang kiri kene bukak daripada luar
- boot tak boley bukak
-kerusi koyak
-lampu (dalam) berpita pelekat

see?? we can't afford new car
but we need car to go out, even to class
so please2, pimp this car
it means sooooooooooooo much to us


p/s: pwety pwess

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nuffnang Premiere Screening: TED

yesterday i went to nuffang premier screening

the movie was
althought it is too much vulgar words
swearing, cursing, smoking pot,
honestly, parents supervision is needed when watching with under age children

lucky me <3

special thanks to Fie for accompanying me

p/s: wanna more free tickets

Monday, October 15, 2012


i know we all old enough 
mature enough
intelligent (?) enough
and we are in our 5th sem
but we are NOT perfect
please not scare the s*** out of us
me so scareeeeee ='(

i felt super lucky that my part went smoothly (i think)
the burden has been lifted

we are in the education field
we should be understood each other
we try we fail and try again

i'm sorry but i can't see the way you view us

p/s: watch out

Saturday, October 13, 2012

no longer safe =(

the world getting scarier each day
crime rates are getting higher
we are no longer safe

let me share you some stories that happen around me
in my neighbourhood
to my classmate and housemate

  1. one of my housemates was nearly got mugged. luckily she was alright, it was unsuccessful mugging incident. 
  2. on the same day, my classmate was successfully got mugged by THE SAME MUGGER!!!!
  3. two days ago, there was an attempt to break (sort of)  into my house.

 why?? why??  why???
why can we live in peace and harmony??

p/s: ujan la, nk kuar =(

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

my 'P' is here

i think i have several posts about me wanna take driving class
and none came to life

11 october brought me super luck
with plenty of practices 
many accidents =P
and some charms *jpj officer comel gak kn*
i got my driving license


i was thinking of uploading the license but 
my pic is ugly, seriously ugly
it is an old pic of me
taken when i was 12 years old
its not like i WAS ugly
*me always pwetty*
but the picture is

so..give me a car
and i drive to paradise

p/s: freaking happy

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