Saturday, December 31, 2011

puteri nurhanisah bt mohd hamka

yes,,that is her name
my sister's daughter cum my niece

she don't like to be 'bedung' (i dont know what we called in in english)
loves to move her body (moves like jagger)
and cry
*kuat nyebai ni*

well little girl
hope you will grow up to be a good, intelligent, obidient and everything nice

may Allab bless you syg..

p/s: cuti da nk abeh

Friday, December 30, 2011

new year at home

i'm going back to keroh today
with my sister n her brand new purple Alza

and i think i cant really update
but do come n visit me okey

p/s: i'm coming home...i'm coming home

Thursday, December 29, 2011

taiping bertuah bersejarah

khamis, jumaat, sabtu, ahad, isnin
five days at taiping were great
altought same days they were raining but still cold
i mean cool =)
well, taiping kan
*tempat plg lembab..ehh, lembap kt m'sia*

i've told him i wanna go to burmese pool
so he took me there
me, aiman, ika, n him
that place was superrrrrrrrrrrr awesome
*2 taon dok tpg, ni bru smpai*
always full with people
i know i dont know how to swim
but still, i tried to go to the deeper side
*nsb x lemas, gedix tol*
managed to make safar went into water
he can't stand cold water for too long
i'm such a bad gf kn (pura2 lemas)

we dont do picnic or barbeque since there were only 4 of us
and yeeah, the weather seemed like it will be raining
spent there about an hour, got ice cream n 'sate ikan'
headed home, wet

the last time i went to river was when i was form 4
yup, it had been a loong time
guess where we went the afternoon??
i tell you next post okey...=)

p/s: nak pg lg

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

from girlfriend to EX-gf

this is a post about
what the girlfriend thinks about her boyfriend's ex-gf


situation 1: you are on date when suddenly you receive a text msg. it is from your ex-gf and she said 'hi my 1st love, what ya doin?' you just laugh and show it to the gf

what she says: this is funny but still awkward
what she thinks: stupid b****, stop this hell already, he is you EX now and he is MY NOW.  

situation 2: you are trying to have new gf. one day, your future gf said that she received a text from your ex-gf asking about your relationship status. later, you tell your ex not to text the future gf but she still text her

what she says: awkward...awkward....hihihi
what she thinks: whats wrong with this girl, i don't know you. 

i don't know how an EX's feel actually
yup, coz i never be ex-gf to anyone
but now i'm speaking gf

you ex should have known how the gf woulf feel right
you used to be a gf and might be again soon
and i am sure you also don't like this thing happening to you

this post not meant for girls only, you too boys
things are just the same right
everybody want to have a beautiful, peaceful life

here is a quote from a friend and i think she is right

An EX should stay an EX. They're an EXample of false love and an EXplanation of why you deserve better

p/s: my opinion, and i mean it

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

adventure ahead!!

i just came back from taiping
having my short holiday there
yes..yes...of course with safa okey
*taiping is his hometown bdw*

i went there since ~nobody home~~ (ala2 avril)
mama and other sisters went to teluk intan
visiting little princess PUTERI HANISAH
cant wait to meet that baby

okey, back to my story at taiping
probably most of you know that i used to study at taiping
well...i cant tell you how much i miss taiping
lots and lots of memories
*dok 2 taon je pun*

1st and 2nd days, i dont do much
and we dont really go anywhere 

next time i am gonna tell tou whats we had done


Sunday, December 18, 2011

im an aunty!!

my sister gave born to a baby girl!!


wonder how she is gonna look like??

inagination over plak


ape ape pon
congratulation to my sister
give her the sweetest name ever okey

i'll upload her pictures as soon as i meet her

p/s: counting days 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Je ne suis pas une actrice

yes..i am no actrice
*ngade, tau la amek french*

i don't really into acting thingy
not for drama
*~~~batu belah batu bertangkup~~~*

or short drama or whatever
but for french class
seriously, i just don't like it

i might be a drama queen sometimes
but that is who i am
i can't fake myself
*ececeeeeh, tipu*

whatever lah
later in the coming sem
there will be a course for acting
*oh moi dieu*

happy acting la yeeee

p/s: tamparan wanita

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

semester four

okey sangat mengada-ngada
sem 3 tak abeh lg sibuk sem 4


two weeks left for this semester to end
means two weeks away from study week
which conclude that its near to final exam



however, the 1st paper will be on 10th January 2012
*taon depan tu*
and the next paper is on 16th January
*seminggu kot*

just two papers
*xscore mati la*

still thinking of having a vacation first
and after exam, another vacation

but first
finish the remaining assignments


p/s: cepat sungguh masa berlalu

Friday, December 9, 2011

4 days holiday


4 days holiday <3<3<3
feel like wanna go to PD or Langkawi or Port Weld
anywhere except here

however.................................i did mention before right
$$$$$$$ not allowing
plus the assignments that need to be completed
tests need to be studied
presentetions need to be prepared

sigh....=( =( =(

at last
stuck here.............alone...........with homeworks

p/s: died once, die again

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

money vs love

money is not everything
everything needs money

hows that???

people always said that to love someone
look fot the behaviour, the inside not the physical appearences or the financial status
to survive this modern world
of course we look for those with at least  financially stable

people out there
especially man

work hard, earn money that go look for a lady
don't give her hard time after marrying her
or even before okey

to ladies
don't be too demanding
men's money are not for ours to enjoy
be reasonable and rational

it is better when both partners work together
earning money together
spending them together
and having a very happy family together

this is my opinion, whats ur??

love to have one

Monday, December 5, 2011

J'ai besoin de vacances

berhabuk suda...cian2 nasib xsempat bersawang

another hectic week is coming


tests, assignments, presentations
students' life are never easy but that are the fun part right
sleepless night, sleep in class (oppss), last minute study/finishing assignments, busily handle events, busily joining events, coming late to classes, getting scolded by leacturers

J'ai envie de pleurer
yes......the burden somehow felt heavier than ever
i need vacation

that is the major problem

mama said to spend the money wisely but
i can't
i said i'm sorry mama *ala2 eminemt gitu*

whatever coming afterward
today is the most important
if we can survive today, we gonna miss the dawn tomorrow

sayang, jom holiday....ajak dila skali

p/s: get back to work

Friday, December 2, 2011

DEBAT BM 211jam: my turn2

this time it is confirm that my group will be debating
the motion: agenda transformasi kerajaan adalah tidak wajar
government: anati, hidayah, syarfa
opposition: mersita, emma, afiqah

wish us all the best
and do watch us tonight at Utusan website (check here )
9.00 pm to 10.00 pm

btw, it already 200 hours by now =)
p/s: excited!!

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