Wednesday, December 28, 2011

from girlfriend to EX-gf

this is a post about
what the girlfriend thinks about her boyfriend's ex-gf


situation 1: you are on date when suddenly you receive a text msg. it is from your ex-gf and she said 'hi my 1st love, what ya doin?' you just laugh and show it to the gf

what she says: this is funny but still awkward
what she thinks: stupid b****, stop this hell already, he is you EX now and he is MY NOW.  

situation 2: you are trying to have new gf. one day, your future gf said that she received a text from your ex-gf asking about your relationship status. later, you tell your ex not to text the future gf but she still text her

what she says: awkward...awkward....hihihi
what she thinks: whats wrong with this girl, i don't know you. 

i don't know how an EX's feel actually
yup, coz i never be ex-gf to anyone
but now i'm speaking gf

you ex should have known how the gf woulf feel right
you used to be a gf and might be again soon
and i am sure you also don't like this thing happening to you

this post not meant for girls only, you too boys
things are just the same right
everybody want to have a beautiful, peaceful life

here is a quote from a friend and i think she is right

An EX should stay an EX. They're an EXample of false love and an EXplanation of why you deserve better

p/s: my opinion, and i mean it

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