Thursday, December 29, 2011

taiping bertuah bersejarah

khamis, jumaat, sabtu, ahad, isnin
five days at taiping were great
altought same days they were raining but still cold
i mean cool =)
well, taiping kan
*tempat plg lembab..ehh, lembap kt m'sia*

i've told him i wanna go to burmese pool
so he took me there
me, aiman, ika, n him
that place was superrrrrrrrrrrr awesome
*2 taon dok tpg, ni bru smpai*
always full with people
i know i dont know how to swim
but still, i tried to go to the deeper side
*nsb x lemas, gedix tol*
managed to make safar went into water
he can't stand cold water for too long
i'm such a bad gf kn (pura2 lemas)

we dont do picnic or barbeque since there were only 4 of us
and yeeah, the weather seemed like it will be raining
spent there about an hour, got ice cream n 'sate ikan'
headed home, wet

the last time i went to river was when i was form 4
yup, it had been a loong time
guess where we went the afternoon??
i tell you next post okey...=)

p/s: nak pg lg

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