Monday, June 20, 2011

father's day without him

Raja Abdullah bin Raja Othman
13.3.1941 - 8.12.2007

thanks God for giving the chance to my dad to go to Mecca
he had completed his life
i'm glad he had this chance

he was diagnosed with colon cancer on 2007
i wasn't at home
he was hospitalized for quite a time
but i was too scared to visit him
*phobia to blood*
i spent less time with him since i entered boarding school
*yes, i blamed u MRSM*
i used to be with him, tailing him where ever he goes

now, i can't describe how i regret those days

this was during our holiday in Kedah
we went to Kota Marina (if i'm not mistaken la)
i was 15 i think..hehehe

i lost him at 8 december 2007
luckily everyone were at home
i always think that abah knew that he is going
and didn't want to see us cry
he died at hospital, where we were not with him

don't worry abah...your daughters are tough girls
we are strong...
thanks for everything...

p/s: miss him badly

Saturday, June 18, 2011

MARAH: makian, carutan dan lucah #part 2#

okey, last entry i did mention to you about the swear words commonly said when we are angry

here are some more
english words that we 'love' to use

post ni dlm BM la sbb kita rakyat malaysia yg byk guna perkataan berikut ketika mengamuk
fuck, shit, damn, bullshit, asshole, dumbass, ect

perlu ke???
*oii, ko pon gune*

kadang2 kalu terkejut tu....dulu2 ye la
opocot mak aku jatuh tergolek
tp skrg....oh shit!!

nape xsebut Allahuakbar!!
sedap telinga org lain dgr

ad yg ckp, pggunaan perkataan2 ini hanya sebagai kata penguat
ala..yg mcm imbuhan -lah
contoh: this is fucking awesome!!
in english, yeah they use these words this way
but in Malay????
contoh: ko ni damn comel!!
mau kene sepak jugak

kita ada adat budaya yg penuh kesopanan
mcm rukun negara ke-5
kesopanan dan kesusilaan
amalkan la.....baru harmoni

p/s: berubah sikit2....alah bisa tegal biasa

Friday, June 17, 2011

result semester 2 2010/2011

maybe it seems ordinary 3.31
but i feel so glad and proud with myself
a great improvement
from 3.04 to what i got now

new sem = more hard works

p/s: =)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

world scholar's cup

gonna be busy this week okey
maybe i won't be updating my blog for awhile
but don't worry
as soon as this event finish
i will tell you
what the heck is this thing..huhuhuu

Saturday, June 11, 2011

after a month at home..
it is time to walk away
#i'm walking away# sem isn't started yet la
i am involved with World Scholar Cup
actually, i don't really know what the hell is WSC 
hope to enjoy myself here

p/s: not as participant, as volunteer

hari rabu bisu

semasa blogwalking....tibe2 aku terperasan bende ni
hari rabu mmg bisu ke??

p/s: huhu....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

couple contest - we are not perfect


this is a contest run by hazirah...the owner of

below are the T n R =)

my love one called Muhammad Safarullah Zulkifli
my heart, life and soul

 tempat pertemuan kamiyg pertama sgt2 special
kt padang sekolah =)
aku ad training silat untuk daerah and cikgu aku bwh anak buah die dtg membantu
seminggu cikgu aku dok canang pasal 'mamat' ni
ye la...budak silat sukma

perkenalan kami bermula xde la baik sgt
asyik gadoh je
safar panggil aku gemok sbb aku dlm kategori 50-55 kg
*skunk 46kg k*
honestly, mmg bukan kategori aku...
berat xcukup kot

abis game...aku dapat cuti 2 minggu
patah jari kelingking kaki
mase tu la safar start text aku
dan bermula lah kisah kami berdua

safar is my first and only BF
i never had anyone before
what makes our relationship even sweeter was we in long distance relationship
i was in a boarding school, so to go out, it was once a while
only after 2 years than we have more time to spend together....
that makes our love stronger 

p/s: may this love last forever

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

churpchurp cutest contest VOTING PHASE!!

okey...the previous entry was to encourage everyone to join churp2 cutest thing contest
since the submission phase is over
now is the time FOR VOTING!!!

please3 vote for me
all you have to do is

step 1: go to ChurpChurp FB and like it
step 2: go to this link and click here to vote
step 3: hit ‘Vote Now’ button  
Step 4: browse and start voting any favorite photos they like!

you can only vote one photo once only
but please vote for me...
just follow the step above
for step 3, click this link instead

voting phase started today until 13 JUNE
hurry up as the time ticking!!

p/s: i maybe not as cute as you thing but i know I AM =)

Monday, June 6, 2011

missing for a while

hehehe...wondering where have i been this few days???
*cam ad org kesah je*
my uncle and his family; and my sis; Ida were at home
and they had STOLEN my broadband
ngeee =)
i mean they were using my bb (gedikkn) which cause me can't have
my quality time alone....=P
thus, no FB updates nor blog updates
now, they have just go back home and leave me with my lil sis; Abby cause 
Nani has going to Teluk Intan, visiting Aya and her husband
hence, alone again
what am i going to do???

*not at the ocean but via internet*

p/s: 12.6.2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

UiTM 2nd class?? we gave you 2nd chance

maybe everybody had already know about this guy who said UiTM is a 2nd class university
he seems like not liking the idea of people confusing his university, UTM, with UiTM
its okey dude, we understand
after all, blog is your personal space to express yourself but do consider the issue okey
*surely no body wants this to happen*

i read lots of bloggers, those from UiTM and even not, are furious about this and make thing even worst
chill people...he already asked for forgiveness

everybody makes mistakes, what make us different is how we handle them and improve ourselves

p/s: peace yaw

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

if you pretty make some noise!!!

beauty is just skin deep
but everybody want to look and feel pretty right??
*xcantik, comel pon jadilah*

so, do you think you cute enough???
why dont we enter Churp2 new contest
just click here to enter

what do you need to do is simply upload you cutest photo to the link given
make it fast as the submission days is only from May 31 to June 6 2001

if chosen, the voting phase is run from June 7 to 13 2001
tell you friends...spread the news
who know it is your day???

wanna know the prizes??

churp2 plush toys and 2gb pendrive!!

p/s: i've sent about you??

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