Monday, June 20, 2011

father's day without him

Raja Abdullah bin Raja Othman
13.3.1941 - 8.12.2007

thanks God for giving the chance to my dad to go to Mecca
he had completed his life
i'm glad he had this chance

he was diagnosed with colon cancer on 2007
i wasn't at home
he was hospitalized for quite a time
but i was too scared to visit him
*phobia to blood*
i spent less time with him since i entered boarding school
*yes, i blamed u MRSM*
i used to be with him, tailing him where ever he goes

now, i can't describe how i regret those days

this was during our holiday in Kedah
we went to Kota Marina (if i'm not mistaken la)
i was 15 i think..hehehe

i lost him at 8 december 2007
luckily everyone were at home
i always think that abah knew that he is going
and didn't want to see us cry
he died at hospital, where we were not with him

don't worry abah...your daughters are tough girls
we are strong...
thanks for everything...

p/s: miss him badly

2 bullets:

ken said...

sorry to hear about that..
your dad will be proud of you :)

hyemynameisrasyid said...

salam takziah saya ucapkan.,

"apabila mati seseorang anak adam itu .. maka akan terhenti segala amalanya kecuali 3 perkara iaitu sedakah jariah, ilmu yang memberi guna, doa anak – anak yang soleh”

oleh itu, selalu la berdoa semoga roh nya ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yang beriman.,insyaAllah

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