Saturday, November 16, 2013

yuMMy: dragon fruit yogurt smoothie

this is my first time sharing recipe

dragon fruits are delicious and good for our health too
there are two type of dragon fruit
the white and red dragon fruit

here is the recipe on how to make your own


the ingredients are:
  1. dragon fruit
  2. NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt.
  3. some ice
  4. some milk
  5. sugar/honey
  6. ice cream vanilla
this smoothie is easy to make

  1. just pour everything (except ice cream) into a blender
  2.  blend them until it becomes smooth and lovely
  3. pour the smoothie into a glass
  4. scoop the ice cream and place it on top of the smoothie
  5. we have our mouth watering dragon fruit yogurt smoothie
not only this smoothie is delicious, it also full of nutrients
not only come from the dragon fruit but also from the yogurt

why NESTLE natural yogurt??
check it yourself here

p/s: leave me with my smoothie

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