Wednesday, March 28, 2012

baucar buku 1Malaysia dilanjutkan

 tempoh sah laku baucar buku 1M dilanjutkan
sampai hujung bulan April
i still got one voucher left
click link before for more info

the RM200 vouchers are insufficient and i think
it is not suitable to give vouchers
why don't the government just gave us in cash??

some books are not avaiable in market
some books are out of print
but still, the inisiative is good
at least it did lighten the burden

what i do with my book vouchers?

i study language okey

p/s: one last voucher

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i can't stop it

what do you do during your free time?
watching tv/movie?
surfing internat?

well, i usually do most of above options
until i started to play WoW online
World of Warcraft

although it just the starter edition but i can't resist the temptation
try la
and you'll understand the feeling

p/s: i play games but i am not a gamer, not yet

Sunday, March 18, 2012

oh popcorn

saturday and everybody was not at home
so i decided to went out too and
thanks to my bro for accompanied me to Bukit Raja
*bukit aku hahaha*

like always
i never planned where to go
or what to do
it was a random pick and we end up watching 'John Carter'

i just realise that john carter is based on a book

the movie.....
okey la, quite fun and interesting
there are some awesome fighting scenes
some boring cheezy scenes
some predictable move
but what can we expected, it is for children rightt

i want to watch Avenger the next
who with me??

p/: sorry about the popcorn =P

Thursday, March 15, 2012

is this freedom?

is started with the plan of looking for text books
"how to teach listening" and "how to teach speaking"
since we had about 3 hours gap
we decided to go to sunway pyramid

 motif muka mail?

yes, it was zainab, mail n me
adila was absent n nad had other commitment

both MPH n Popular dont have the books that we'd been looking for
but the adventure was fun

i never realised Sunway's food court has delicious menu 
*penah mkn xsedap*
but today
seriously...they are awesome!!!!

licin x??

then we came up this super idea

we going to have this 3 hour gap between classes every Thursday

what we gonna do next week??
wait n see.....

p/s: is this freedom?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

morning class!!

it'd been two weeks now since the new sem started
my schedule...perghhh
8.30 am class for four days
and the other day (wednesday) is the only day i can wake up late
still, the class starts at 9.30
*lambat mane sgt pon kn*

suddenly, Shah Alam is raining
and the weather seems so nice, and cold, and sleepy
waking up in the morning is hard
and gets even harder to take shower
*ice-cold water*

p/s: well see soon =)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


i never thought that you could be this jerk
stupid-unconsiderate-heart breaker-selfish asshole
*mati aku kalu by bace ni*
but seriously
how could you do this to me
who the fuck am i???

read this coz its really meant for you
if the invitation you gave just to hurt me
you can go to hell, rot there with that bitch of your

p/s: just let me be happy

Saturday, March 10, 2012

the first week after the first month

for the last three years
the weekends were never boring
*ad la kot*
but i used to always have plans

but today....the 1st weekend
i feel weird, confuse n sad
i am sad

being alone (yes, ad ita) is suck
i never know what to do (journal oii)
all of a sudden those past came back like a film is hurt....

"woke up with tears
please stop my dear
coz nothing u can do
since he doesn't want u"

p/s: broken hearted girl~~~

Thursday, March 8, 2012

i love you for a long time

women n shoes are like friends
cannot be separated but we can add more friends

before..i never understand why women need so many shoes
and we do have so many types of shoes
*xtau name pon*
all i need was just my best sandal
in whatever situation, where ever i go
in rain or shine
near or far
sandal is what i will wear

but now, i have changed
i own a sandal, a flat, a wedges, and new to my collection
 a pair of boots
i like boots since i was a kid
i always wanted one but too afraid to put them on
i have a cute pair of boots 

i feel soooooooooooooooooo lovely waering this beauty

i will buy more of this thing
more n more
even it did hurt my legs afterward

p/s: new me love it

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


21 years old
*da bley mengundi ni*
ngeeee is my best friend - prego adila - birthday!!

happy birthday sayang
she is 6 months pregnant mommy
expecting the baby on june
*exam tu*

we all love you dila...muahh

p/s: making something special soon

Monday, March 5, 2012

my wish

my old nokia is not well now
he keeps turn off n this piss me off

i'm thinking of buying new phone
maybe samsung or sony or htc (cewahh)

when suddenly Mail showed me his phone

sony ericsson -life with walkman
i love it

has the features i want for a phone
now i need to save up money to buy this

or anyone willing to give this as my birthday present??

oh yeah..since this blog belong only to me
so this is my new signiture
lovely isn't it?

p/s: chapter started

Sunday, March 4, 2012


every illness has its cure
but does broken hearted??
the pain of being betrayed, back-stabbed, lied
left by the one you most trusted and loved

yes...there are cure for this
but time will play the biggest part

i never thought i will face this day
the moment you said those hurtful words
telling the truth, killing my soul

but, what the hell
everybody says i deserved better
that someone is waiting for me
as i will go for him

but beware of my curse as i had said those words too
pray for my merci but i can't promise anything
love me hate me
you know better darling

p/s: i'm a king

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