Thursday, March 15, 2012

is this freedom?

is started with the plan of looking for text books
"how to teach listening" and "how to teach speaking"
since we had about 3 hours gap
we decided to go to sunway pyramid

 motif muka mail?

yes, it was zainab, mail n me
adila was absent n nad had other commitment

both MPH n Popular dont have the books that we'd been looking for
but the adventure was fun

i never realised Sunway's food court has delicious menu 
*penah mkn xsedap*
but today
seriously...they are awesome!!!!

licin x??

then we came up this super idea

we going to have this 3 hour gap between classes every Thursday

what we gonna do next week??
wait n see.....

p/s: is this freedom?

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Ahmad Desrayen said...

saye tengok blog awak dari facebook, blog awak nicee lah...saye dah jadi follower ...visit blog saye juge yee .. sekali kali like juge dengan anime one piece japan :)

RazFiRa said...

macam sedap je :)

Mr.PiNGu said...

licin habes

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