Wednesday, March 28, 2012

baucar buku 1Malaysia dilanjutkan

 tempoh sah laku baucar buku 1M dilanjutkan
sampai hujung bulan April
i still got one voucher left
click link before for more info

the RM200 vouchers are insufficient and i think
it is not suitable to give vouchers
why don't the government just gave us in cash??

some books are not avaiable in market
some books are out of print
but still, the inisiative is good
at least it did lighten the burden

what i do with my book vouchers?

i study language okey

p/s: one last voucher

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eszyamin said...

owh serius? aku pon ada lagi 50 ingat nak perabih esok..tapi takpelah kalau camtu cuti mid sem nanti saja lah aku habiskan..

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