Tuesday, October 15, 2013

new signiture

my new signiture
since the old one has lost

still can figure out what happen actually

well, life must goes on

lost things can be replaced

p/s: always replace what we lost


to all Muslims

those who join the slaughter(sound so brute)
well, enjoy the experience
when i was in my hometown
i will join the activity but only during the cooking part
yup, only males will do the slaughtering

but this year
i'm celebrating this raya alone
on my bed
with my laptop
awayyyy from home

i want the meat
i love meat

p/s: next year i'll be home

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Wonder by Emmyra

i wonder what had happen
after 7 months of leaving you
unlove, uncare, un aware
of the pain you feel

all the memories that we have
i wonder why
i wonder how

how on earth all my pictures in this blog had gone???!!!!

p/s: one great loss

Monday, October 7, 2013

Nuffnang Food Fest!!

it seems like i haven't updated my blog for a long time

'hey, spider web..ffuuhhhh'

today, i wanna share with everyone
the latest even that i went
yes, #NNFoodFest
*trending right*

many food
many booths
mouth watering and drool came out like waterfall
i did not take  many pictures as i was far more into food

 what made this event the best was because
technically, the food were free

we just have to tweet and walaaahh, free food served

it was fun, great memories were made
i wish there are more events like this
(with free food)
and i definitely going to join them

hail Nuffnang for the great event
long live Nuffnang!!

p/s: special thanks to NadNoh, the best girl friend

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