Wednesday, September 29, 2010

you poor thing

as i told before, i have 3 (actually 4, including kawad) tests this week
i don't wanna think about them anymore............

i am the most miserable creature today
*kesian gile*
i got TITAS test today but i forgot to bring my pencil case
*bongek kn??*
then i realise i didn't have by LINGLANGTEA text book
*nasib ad NANAB*
m209 was freezing 
*i'm on the ice land*
and what make thing worse.....


called Bendahari UiTM and she said that they haven't received MY CHECK yet
n we have to make a few phone 
calls b4 we really got the info we wanted
*thanks Aimi for the phone*
i've called MARA n they said they posted them since LAST week
*desperately need money*

p/s: stressed out...nearly burnout

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MOOD: moody

since i arrived on Friday, my back was in pain
credit to the bus seat, a very comfortable seat n
the long journey
i stayed at mys sis's place n celebrated her daughter's birthday

i haven't got enough sleep n my brain isn't working properly
nk raya lgggggggggg......

next week is going to be a GREAT week
as i'm going to have

history n philosophy in education
introduction to guidance and counseling
p/s: wish me luck!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

my ramadhan punye cite

i know we are in the month of Syawal
but i wanna tell you my activities during Ramadhan

yup, MY BREAKFASTING activities
here some pics to share








thanks to all who dine together with me
let's do it again.....

Friday, September 10, 2010

never be the same

i have to tell you that this raya IS THE BEST!!!
even i don't have new 
baju raya or kasut raya
but the family is REUNITE again

i hope this will stay the same n we'll be happily ever after

back: nani, abby n me
front: ida, mommy, aya

with sisters n cousins at Takong

my BIG family

Thursday, September 9, 2010

di pagi raya ini......

1st of all


even this raya isn't like before but i'm glad to be at home
*thanks God i'm in Shah Alam*
with not so glamorous baju raya or fancy raya shoes, it going to be great to spend times with family

my love told me he'll come if he can...YEAH!!
but it is okay darl if you can't make it
we'll celebrate later....=]

p/s: whoever celebrate raya in Pengkalan Hulu, do come to my house

Sunday, September 5, 2010


at 4.30 AM, i safely arrived home...*at last*
the journey from Shah Alam to Pengkalan Hulu somehow seems like forever
7 hours in the bus....
curse the air-cond
i nearly die of freezing

nothing is more relaxing than holidays
except for the assignments that joining my so-called vacation
so, i take this chance to THANKS all my beloved lecturers for giving me this tasks 
so i can fulfill my leisure time 

seriously, I MEAN IT

assignments are better that have to collect fund okay
before this for Gaza and now for the Cambodia
and what makes thing worse is that the collection is our EXAM MARKS

p/s: i don't think this is fair....

Friday, September 3, 2010

budak2 gigi besi

ape yg best gigi besi ni pon xtau
org ckap nk kurus cepat pakai la...
btol la 2....
2 org kwn aku ni mmg kurus la weiii

adela yang HOT (la sgt..)

didi yg buffer....
thanx guys for spending some time breaking fast with me
next time we hang out, it will be my treat

p/s: serious rindu kt korg.....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


this actually a translation from opening song of 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'
i love the song and just wanna share with you guy
i'll put the song next time
I am supposed to pursue my dream
in this narrow winding road, stuttering in the crowds of people

It's not that I want to return to that past,
I am just searching for the sky I have lost.
I hope you understand.
Don't show the sad face as if you have been sacrificed.

Tears do not end a sin. We have to carry it with us through
in this maze of feelings with no ends in sight.
Who am I waiting for?
As scribbled on the blank note, I want to be more honest.
What do I want to escape from?
Is it this thing called "reality"?

"For what am I living?"
In the middle of the night as my memories are fading.
I can't play safe anymore,
but there is nowhere to go too.
There's still so much in life to remove this feeling.
I will feel nostalgic about it.
I welcome this pain.

I have to apologize for this. Ah, I'm sorry.
I can't say it well. I'm just causing worries.

Everything that I embraced that day.
Everything that I will embrace tomorrow
I will not arrange them in any order.
I hope you understand. I closed my eyes
but I could still see things I do not want to see.

Unnecessary rumours that I hear for the first time, so what?
"Face it and you will be friends"
Don't tell lies like these.
My heart being agitated from deep inside,
a burning sensation runs through my body.
Actually I'm expecting something
from this thing called "reality".

"For what am I living?"
I want to shout it out loud. Can you hear me?
I can't play safe anymore,
but there is nowhere to go too.
I am grateful for all the kindness,
so I want to become stronger to march on.
I do welcome friends and foes.

How do I open the next door? I'm thinking.
The unretractable story has begun.
Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

There is still so much in life to remove this feeling.
I want to start all over again so that I can complete what I haven't done.
Shall we go AGAIN?

"For what am I living?"
I want to shout it out loud. Can you hear me?
I can't play safe anymore,
but there is nowhere to go too.
I am grateful for all the kindness,
so I want to become stronger. I feel the nostalgia.
I welcome this pain.

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