Wednesday, September 29, 2010

you poor thing

as i told before, i have 3 (actually 4, including kawad) tests this week
i don't wanna think about them anymore............

i am the most miserable creature today
*kesian gile*
i got TITAS test today but i forgot to bring my pencil case
*bongek kn??*
then i realise i didn't have by LINGLANGTEA text book
*nasib ad NANAB*
m209 was freezing 
*i'm on the ice land*
and what make thing worse.....


called Bendahari UiTM and she said that they haven't received MY CHECK yet
n we have to make a few phone 
calls b4 we really got the info we wanted
*thanks Aimi for the phone*
i've called MARA n they said they posted them since LAST week
*desperately need money*

p/s: stressed out...nearly burnout

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