Sunday, September 5, 2010


at 4.30 AM, i safely arrived home...*at last*
the journey from Shah Alam to Pengkalan Hulu somehow seems like forever
7 hours in the bus....
curse the air-cond
i nearly die of freezing

nothing is more relaxing than holidays
except for the assignments that joining my so-called vacation
so, i take this chance to THANKS all my beloved lecturers for giving me this tasks 
so i can fulfill my leisure time 

seriously, I MEAN IT

assignments are better that have to collect fund okay
before this for Gaza and now for the Cambodia
and what makes thing worse is that the collection is our EXAM MARKS

p/s: i don't think this is fair....

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nurulatiqah said...

hai hai !
fuyoh raja ada belog jugak :D !
update selalu taw, hari2 aku baca nanti :D

RajaEmma said...

hekhek..korg2 gak la yg jd PENYEBAB aku wat gak blog ni

insyaAllah...ko pon k

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