Saturday, October 20, 2012

Whatchuwant Pimp My Ride

calling all CELCOM users especially XPAX user
have you heard about " XPAX Whatchuwant" contest?

well, you can win lots of prizes
more than Rm 10 000  DAILY!!
  1. Samsung 40" smart full HD LED tv
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0
  3. Nicon Coolpix waterproof AW100
  4. Samsung Galaxy S III
told ya..
    visit this site click here for more info

oh yes..another thing


please2 pimp this ride

this is my housemate's car

why should you pimp this car?
here are the list:

-berusia lebih 20 tahun
-lampu (belakang kiri, signal kiri, depan kanan) rosak
-cermin sisi kiri rosak
-pintu belakang kanan tak boleh bukak)
-pintu belakang kiri kene bukak daripada luar
- boot tak boley bukak
-kerusi koyak
-lampu (dalam) berpita pelekat

see?? we can't afford new car
but we need car to go out, even to class
so please2, pimp this car
it means sooooooooooooo much to us


p/s: pwety pwess

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