Wednesday, November 24, 2010

selendang vs tudung

"asyik pakai tudung, cm budak sekolah. try la selendang plak"

it is not like i don't want to
*mmg pon*
but i just don't know how to

"blaja la. kwn2 kn ade"
*double sedey*

actually, i am not really into this selendang thingy
coz i'm not wearing it like others
i wear it like tudung
that makes it harder

it took me an hour

most girls said that wearing shawl is the easiest to wear
but not to me
i love tudung more
and i don't like 
tudung ekin or tudung indon or whatsoever they called it
(refer my previous entry, the one that max bertudung)
even it is the most
simplest n easiest to wear but
i just don't like it

p/s: i love tudung forever!!!

4 bullets:

didi dido said...

tetibe terasa mcm na pkai tudung ~.~

EmmaSafa said...

silakan la......LOVE IT!!

bugsphilic~~ said...

raja cantik!
yanti suka kaler purple tu :)

EmmaSafa said...

thanks yanti...still learning lg...aku pon ske purple gak...=D

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