Tuesday, January 15, 2013


life is a mystery
we never know what lies before us
who will we meet
and who is gonna betray us

people also said
women are a complex creature
what they want and what they say
will never the same things
but i think differenly
*yes, i am a woman*

males are far more unpredictable, 
if you wanna confort a girl just simply hug her and say,
"don't worry, things will be alright"
but this trick will never work on man
they will stay firm, 'ego-ly' (hehe) deny their own feeling

  i might be right n might be wrong
i just tried with the sterotype about women
you might agree with me or disagree
everyone has their own opinions
all we need is how we deal with this differences
and make the world a better place

p/s: when will the time come

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