Wednesday, March 2, 2011

aku n segayong air

this is a tragic story of my friend
she told me this story and i found it interesting
as i use this idea to keep on teasing her
yup, that is me

i feel like sharing this story with you guys

i was 3 years old that time. so, obviously i don't really understand things happening around me. one stormy night, where the sky seems like a battle field of the two brothers. the thunder roared and the lightning strike the earth.
we, me and my sister were watching a horror, scary, blood-sucking story that frighten my sister to death. she was 6. i was too small to feel the way she felt (after all, i don't UNDERSTAND the story).
because of the movie, my sister was TOO afraid to sleep alone, even to go to the toilet. in the end, i was end up accompany her to toilet since she wanted to 'discharge' desperately.
in order to prevent me from running away, or disturb her finishing the 'business' or feeling bored
she gave me a pail of water to play with
yup, i was so excited to play with the water, so i didn't realise she is using me to accompany her in the toilet
i repeat, in the toilet together with her
when i am older, she told me this story.

i believe my friend will kill me as soon she read this post. love u girl!!

p/s: retold my Emma with some adjustment =)

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