Wednesday, March 2, 2011


after having my dinner
(which i cook myself XD)
i sit back and relax in my room
peaceful and full

suddenly, i saw something crawled from the window
and jumped onto my drawer
i get up and investigate

it was a RAT
i repeat....A RAT

this 'lovely' creature was spotted earlier
at the kitchen
(note: my room is beside the kitchen)
but i never thought it will go into my room

i found a dead rat in my drawer
it was a little smaller but i don't know
how come this rat die in my drawer
without terrible smell, i assume it had just dead

took it and threw it away
(credit to eja for throwing it)
i can find the rat
hopefully it had get out from my room

ita cakap: xpe la, nnty die tlg msk untuk kite - ratatouille
p/s: poor nor

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