Friday, September 16, 2011

after a week...

first of all
we live in peace and harmony for years
lets keep it this way
for another 100 years okey!!!

what i wanna write is not about malaysia's day
but my 1st week back in shah alam
yup, it study season again...=)
things rather chaotic since sudden changes of schedule
*tibe2 ade clas pagi2 isnin kn....damn icress yg tetibe xbley bukak*
and surprisingly, except for nad the penguin, other tesl housemates is in the same class with me
cool kan???

not really cool
we gonna face some probs to bath okey

classes.....some lecturers are not around yet
and some even started teaching
books.....super expensive book again
phonetics n  phonology: rm90
initial 1 (french) : rm75
educational psychology: rm50(assume)

and other supporting references and bla..bla..bla......

well...that was my first week
i wonder how i'm gonna do through out this sem

p/s: nak duit byk2

2 bullets:

shazmir said...

merdeka malaysia..!!

cun awk cun ..!!

hyemynameisrasyid said...

salam satu malaysia.,
dan.,selamat menyambut hari malaysia.,cuti2 jgk.,isnin smbung keje.,hehe

kalau sy mmg xbeli la buku2 tu.,takot xterbaca.,english plak tu.,huuuu~

sori lama xsinggah sini.,bz kebelakangan ni.,
apa2 pon.,akan sediakan yg terbaik utk andaAlahai~ jemput la ye^^

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