Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fly: to where we belong

it can bring so many definitions
1. lalat
2. terbang
3. lari dari sekolah/kerja
4. belajar ke luar negara

and i wanna talk about the 4th one
go to oversea to further study
at this moment, i have countless (byk la sgt kn) friends who already be in other countries
UK, US, Russia, Egypt, Ireland, and more
*nyampah, mak kt sini jugak*

soon, two more to go
my best buddies
my LC6 crews
Nur Mardiah and Norbainun
soon-to-be doctors

farewell my friends
for i am missing you here

while you are missing malaysia n facing difficulties adapting to the new culture
i'm gonna rock my world here

xde kene mengene

p/s: balik kerja kt malaysia, jgn nk derhaka =)

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haz|rah said...

aku nk g gak raje.. ahad nih.. aku gi spain.. leh ahh msok senarai negare baru.. dlm list ko kt ats 2.. haha

EmmaSafa said...

good luck to the new world syg....

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