Wednesday, April 4, 2012

back to back birthday

today is Adnin birthday
sang two songs for her
the usual 'happy birthday' n 'Allah selamatkn kamu'
happy birthday Adnin
*could get her picture*

and also, today is my one of best buddy
during my awesome moment in Taiping
may you have a great time and a blessful years ahead you

okey2, i don't forget bout you la
happy belated birthday to my FRIENEMY (betol ke??)
Azia Razwa aka Razia

many great person was born on April
for example..ME!!
hehehe *perasan plak*

pape pon
i have made a plan
and hope it is gonna be fun

p/s: sorry but can't show my bday 
present like promised last time

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