Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i dont regret at all

 do you know about Akira Wong?
the one which said he regred getting straight A1 in SPM?
read here if you wanna know more

1st of all
i am one of those who score all As in SPM
although not all A1
and i graduated from one of the best boarding school in Malaysia
MRSM Taiping *proud to be one*
well, here are what i believe

lost friends, family n lack of sleep
i don't really know how to react to this statement
sure everybody knows this saying
"study smart, not hard"
"fail to plan is planning to fail"

A1 becomes average
there are more than 100 000 candidates every year
if only 5% could score A1,
i dont wanna live here anymore

talent n forget everything we learnt
well, i don't have any special talent
no comment on that
i have to admit that i do forget what i've learnt before
and found some of what i learn are useless to me know
but that depend on what course do you focus on
not everything useless 
what we had learnt will never lost, they are somewhere in our subconcious mind

nobody care 
lets have a situation
when you got 5As in UPSR, did people talk about it in your high school?
when you got 8As in PMR, did your neighbour still talking about it during your upper form years?
same goes to score all A1 in SPM
everything has it's own expired date
those As you got just a ticket to get a better education

nothing perfect in the world
we can only trying our best and live our live to the fullest
have no regret and always smile
coz who knows what is gonna happen next
p/s: sorry for the long post

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Cik Wani said...

me too..i don't regret..sebaliknya bersyukur sangat :) if i don't score in those exams, i wouldn't be where i am right now.. (^^,)

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