Saturday, March 16, 2013


one piece
fairy tail
hunter x hunter
fullmetal alchemist

and many moreeeeeeeeeeeee

anime is one of the best damn things in the world
fulfilling our dreams
giving us hopes
showing the beauty of friendship
 and hot babes and dudes =P

Animax carnival is being held at Blue atrium Sunway Pyramid
it started this morning and will end tomorrow
thus, grab you planner and cancel all activities
go to sunway
and enjoy the moment =)

here are some photos to be shared ^____^ :

boa hankok from one piece

jack frost from rise of the guardians

my buddies

fairy tail's member
if i'm really a fairy tail's member
i wonder what magic should i use
maybe power to change nature of anything

p/s: cosplay oh cosplay

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