Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baucer Buku 1Malaysia : yes nono

firstly, thanks to the government for the vouchers
however, please think carefully before doing something
i'm not here to judge
or make negative statements
but here are my opinions
opinions of most universities students about the vouchers

the vouchers are good but the ratio is not
80:20??? like seriously??
we are not like primary or secondary students
our books are more expensive and reusable
it means; some books are being used for two or more semesters

as for me
i need more of the so-called stationeries
for my microteaching and stuffs

and i have lots of unread books
blame BBW for this unfortunate event
*hehehe, sorry wolfy*

another issue is the Kad Siswa
i'm in part 6 now
and i haven't got my card yet
but those from other universities
even the foundation students have their card already
me so sad

p/s: they won't see me

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