Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bishokuya: Restoran Tupai-tupai

Last night, I went for a date with kesayangan..
we went to Restorant Tupai-tupai Ampang for steamboat
i've been craving for steamboat for more than a year
but got no friends to go with
now with kesayangan, i can go food hunting and become bishokuya myself

since we went there somehow late (around 9 pm)
there weren't many choices left
price? hurmm... RM31 per head excluding drinks
kinda expensive to me

not so many photos so, sorry
i was so into food =)

here is the link to tupai fb if you wanna more info

Definition: Gourmet Hunters (美食屋, Bishoku-ya, literally meaning "Gourmet Food Providers", also known as Bishokuya in fan translations) are specialized in the acquisition of High-Level Ingredients.(source)

p/s:  me is buncit

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