Friday, April 1, 2011

1 april - 5 more days

*mmg nk mati la klu wat kt aku*

since i was a child, we believe that this day
is a day where we tricked our friends 
and laugh at them like crazy
but, now i know
today is not a good day to celebrate such a celebration
after all, april fool is NOT a celebration
here is the answer

at the 8th century, Spain was an Islam country and it was such a wonderful time. hence, the non-Muslim neighbors were uneasy and wanted to destroy Islam in Spain (Spain is a very strategic country). unfortunately, most of their trial were unsuccessful. 

at last, the enemy found a way to weaken the Muslim, via psychology. this caused the Muslim to be divided and did not unite. Crusaders were a cruel and heartless soldiers which kill every single Muslim, including women, children and senior citizens. one by one the region fell to the hand of this Crusaders, until they reached Granada. the Muslim here were hiding to save their lives.

the enemy told the Muslims that they were save, allowed to come out as there was a ship waiting for them. they were asked to leave Spain and they will be save. the scare Muslims believed and they all went to the harbor but to find out that they were being cheated. everyone was died, killed by the Crusaders

the crusaders celebrated the day they fool the Muslim - 1 of April - April Fool to remain them how stupid and easy the Muslim to be cheated.

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