Wednesday, April 13, 2011


my primary school was Sekolah Kebangsaan Keruh (SKK)
located in Pengkalan Hulu
i spend 6 years here....
with 5 years as prefect and 
president of prefect..
hahaah *poyo*
i just know that my old school has its own blog

 the next five years and spend my schooling years at MRSM
first -MRSM Gerik
then -MRSM Taiping
so many things i learned here
so many people i met
and the special person i met
this logo was created by a friend
but it was under my name
and this logo has won me the first prize
it was to celebrate MRSM Taiping Jubli Perak

 in 2010, after graduated from MRSM
received my SPM
i further my study here
UiTM Shah Alam
taking TESL and now in my 3rd sem degree

 i receive scholarship from MARA
and gonna serve them later

p/s: no ending, just a beginning
ini Raja Emma pye
nnty Safa plak...

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