Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MRSM Gerik....where homeroom ease everything

homeroom: a group of students and a teacher forming a little family where we can talk, laugh, tease, play, cry, share stories, work and most important; not feeling alone
homeroom like a substitute family for those who went to boarding school
homeroom is a special bond you have that will never break

 homeroom Sainatina Aishah

 during final dinner

after graduation

having a chat with my old homeroommate
*i miss you risha*
makes me realise how time has passed
it has been 5 years since i left MRSM Gerik
3 years that taught me alot
3 years full of advantures
3 years of my glorious life
with your loves and cares
i really miss those days =)

this is my homeroom teacher, Cg Mushrifah on her wedding day
isn't she beautiful???
p/s: lets reunion guys!!

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MaiRa QuEeN said...

jemput join ye..

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