Sunday, May 22, 2011

nuffnang grapevine

igt x pasal entry churp2 grapevine

kali ni ade info yg lebih detail

belum mendaftar, klik link bwh n daftar
serious tak rugi ape2, untung ada la

rupanya ads ni xslalu muncul
kalu ad rezki jumpa la ads tu
tp ada cara nk dapatkn


 to chupers, kita kena pastikan ad org share link kita

you will visit an advertisment
share the link on anything
facebook, twitter, myspace, blog, YM, MSN

some ads need clicks to pay us
but some do need sign up or buy things
but don't worry
as long as you share the link of the ads
you will get paid
don't forget to fill in your details okey

do click
here and here too

p/s: help me help you

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