Tuesday, May 10, 2011


this is not about the movie 'the roommate'
*although adila xabeh2 ajak tgk*
but this is a story about true story
about my life with my roommates

my 1st roommates were during my time at MRSM Gerik
there were 4 of us
aisyah, syida and put(eri)
3 years living together
they really know how i was back then
*i repeat, WAS back then*


syakila (put)

i couldn't find syida picture =(

then moved to MRSM Taiping
we preferred to be called as cubemates
*2 people in a cube*
with cik tengku nabila
raja n tengku =)


at UiTM
1st sem asasi: aimi, n wani
2nd sem asasi: aimi (again), adela n fatin
1 sem degree: aimi (again n again)

ape nme makcik sorg ni ek?? lupe plak hehe

now, for the rest 3 years
with Adila (not Adela) n Nuraini
living this how peacefully n harmony


i have other story to tell
coming soon

p/s: miss those days

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