Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Sales!!!

i know it sound kind weird
but those who know what is this surely have the BIGGEST smile ever, right??
especially books lovers
*perasan ulat buku*


i went there last saturday
the second last day of the book fair
it was raining heavily
*me n safar were soaked*

i met Nad the penguin n Mail there
so many books from so many writers and different genre
almost fainted of excited
*plus the coldness of rain*

so i bought this 4 books
  • the spooks stories: witches by Joseph Delaney
  • the heir of night: the wall of night book 1by Helen Lowe
  • flying by the seat of your pants by Harry Oliver
  • Moral Minds: how nature designed our universal sense of right and wrong by Marc D. Hauser
*the last book was chose by Safar*

 with two bookmarks

i just cant stop reading
and i must stop for a while 
coz i have test this week
p/s: done with the spooks

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Nur Intan Syafinaz said...

I bought 20 books!!hahaha..i went there for to so crazy watching all those books!!

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