Monday, October 3, 2011

its a bad hair year

this might sound exaggerate
(yes, it is)
the truth is..painful (gedix) happened last saturday
i went to PKNS with my roommate, Nad the penguin
after paying my IPT fee
i went to get my hair cut
there only one saloon so i went in

1st shock: the hair dresser is neither male nor female
yes, it is
he (i think la) looks very like a man
but he has boobs
yes boobs
but i dont wanna ask him
*nak mampos*

2nd shock: i think he is stupid
which part of 'takat bahu' he didn't understand, even i don't know
what pissed me was he asked several time about 'paras bahu' 
but it ended up wrong

i paid and got out quickly
i will never got back there

so, i have to wear this hair
actually it is not bad but i just don't like it
it is not what i want
but it still looks pretty to me
whatever lah.....

p/s: cepat2 la panjang

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