Thursday, February 3, 2011

100 kisses

Rahman feels bad, his company isn't go so well. He doesn't know how he gonna face his family as he can't afford to send them pocket money this time. At last, he got an idea and send a letter to his wife.

my love, 
i'm sorry i can't send you money as i'm having financial problems here. thus, with this letter i sent you 100 kisses.
love, Rahman

a week later, Rahman recieve a letter from his wife.

dear darling,
thanks for the kissed, i really love it. since you didn't give money, hence i manage our financial carefully. here are the shopping list;

2 kisses - 5 litre of cooking oil
4 kisses - to repair the sink
3 kisses per day - to repair the house
3 kisses - along and angah tuition
12 kisses - adik tuition (he needs extra attention)

i also exchange rm100 with 20 kisses to Mr Bakar

your kisses really help us and make our life better. i would like you to send me more kisses next month.
by the way, i still have balance of 56 kisses, what do you think i should use them on?
your wife, Leha

source: translate from Mastika Februari edition

p/s: so hubby, think before you give something =P

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