Sunday, February 13, 2011

show your love

boys - they love to give flowers to girl
but, do they really know the meaning of the flower?

here are some list of flowers that represent love
if you want to give it ti your love one
than go ahead
but if it just for a friend
than, think again

Orchid - Beauty, Love

Orange Blossom - Eternal Love

Carnation White - Pure Love

Gloxinia - First sight love

Daisy - Loyal Love

Tulip(Red) - Show your love

Rose (ridal) - Happy Love

Aster - Love Symbol

Gardenia - Secret Love

Rose(Red) - Love You

Rose(Thornless) - First sight Love

Rosebud(red) - Pure Love

Tulip(Red) - Show your love

ROSEmawati =)

p/s: different color of flower mean differently

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