Sunday, February 6, 2011


i'm doing my assignment for
HSN 111 - silat olahraga
this really brings back all (i think) the memories
of me being part of silat team
yeah, i am one of them

me n rozi at mckk

at gerik, i was a participant for
tempur putri (together with mira hadi)
that was fun
my 1st competition in silat
i won't bronze
we are the youngest participants at that time

at taiping, i join silat olahraga team
*where i met u my love*
i'm not very good but i enjoyed my life back then
*guess u know why right?? =)*

if i ever can participate again, i will give my best shoot
hopefully this dream will come true soon
*fingers crossed*

p/s: i miss all of you
can't find my pics ='(

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