Friday, November 4, 2011

can't you get any worst?

what had happened today?

  1. report BEL *nobody perfect*
  2. french online test *i got 4.5/5 <3*
  3. french reading test *hopefully i got okey*
  4. FE class *yawn*
class ended nearly 7.00 pm
tired, cold (raining), hungry (haven't eaten untill now), bored, angry, depress
today wasn't be friendly to me
nor the days before

hopefully the coming days will be better
wish i could make things go according to my way
than the world have its peace as long as i live

'i need a shoulder to cry on
i need a body to lean on
i need me
to bring victory'

*pe kejadah ni???*
p/s: mentally disturb

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Razil Tahir said...

Hm.. be patient and be cool...
You'll be just fine...
Good Luck!! XD

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