Thursday, November 10, 2011

journey to north

aidil adha holiday 
so we went home for a week
i mean i have a week holiday
the others only until monday
*heheheehhe (evil laugh)*

at 9 pm we started our journey home
there were five of us
me, my darling safa, eddie, my sisters ida n nani
with my (safar's actually) little white 'Lagi Best' Myvi

next time i will share bout our Myvi

traffic was terribly disaster
jammed from the moment we enter highway till the very end
poor baby since he drove the car all night long

we stopped at RnR for food
*mee xsedap*
so we stopped again at RnR tapah
just to stretch some muscle
*cm aku yg bwk kete la kan*

the journey was so tiring 
it took us 11 hours to reach home
due to unbearable sleepiness
we stopped somewhere and took a nap
of cause it for the driver
kami da hanyut dalam mimpi

kt lenggong

penat oo drive mlm2

alhamdulillah we safely reached home
thank you sooooooooooooooo much darling
next time i'll drive

p/s: nk cepat2 dapat lesen

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