Wednesday, November 23, 2011

sorry to bother you

it has been quite sometime since the last time i posted anything

time became shorter as so many things need to be done soon
*padan muke*

  1. edu psycho - observation n individual research
  2. phonetics n phonology - transcription n presentation
  3. Lit n media - pymalion/my fair lady
  4. LiCYA - compilation of poems n short stories n YA presentation
  5. french - test n short movie
  6. FE - presentation
  7. debat 222 jam
tiring just by looking at the list
some works are need to be send next week
some due much later but 
some must be send this week


well..thats the fact of university life
dont you think it easy but it is FUN
live the moment to the fullest
and you will never regret

p/s: wat keje la

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