Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DEBAT BM 211jam: hurt

in my last entry i've told everyone that it was my turn right
deeply apologies to those who been waiting for me
*ad ke??*

i just knew the news the moment i enter bilik gerakan
of course i am FRUSTRATED
sudenly our slot for tonight was cancel
the slot was given to outside debaters
who suddenly turned up and asked for a slot
*d**m you*

poor Adila
she is 3 months pregnant, live in kepong
she took public transport to come here for NOTHING
poor Safa..he came with Eddie
and not to see me debating
thus, i accompanied them for dinner
that's the only thing i could do

the only slot we have left is on Friday night
hopefully nothing will interfere this time
p/s: will i have the chance?

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