Thursday, January 12, 2012

mind your language

i never thought that there is a Malaysian girl who study in university (i know it a private college) can't read simple english
is it hard people???

the language used, even kindergarten kids will understood better
and answer it clearly

why people??? WAY??

is our generation intellectual in English is that terrible???

new generation is freaking weird

they invented new language (rempit or ewww) and changed the speeling which they think cute
seriously, not cute at all
this not only happen to english, but to our own mothertouge 
*i don't wanna live in this planet anymore*

language shows who we are
do mind your language

you can't send you intonation thru text
don't expect people read as you intended
n mind the words choices
coz u might sound rude

that all from me, thanks

p/s: language teaches a lot

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