Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ohana means family

family means nobody left behind
i'm sure every body are familiar with this saying

Chinese new year...
we do celebrate it as my grandmother is a Chinese
*maybe not really like how the REAL Chinese would do*
coz this time, my family (mak, ida, me, abby n nani) is in kedah
staying at mak tam place is the best
*girls power*

photo shooting (bajetnye mak), karaoke, jamming n much more
there are nothing better when done this with family
right?? =)

all of a sudden, a new talent has been discovered
i know its like 5 years or more we havent met but 
dude, you are AWESOME!!
seriously, feel like uploading THE VIDEO..
lets do a song cover??

tomorrow is the last day here
boring one month is waiting for me
can i stay mama??

p/s: syakir, jum la

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