Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sims love

sape kaki games kt fb???
angkat tangan cepat!!

nk tye lg....sape sume main the sims??
xkisah la sims 1,2,3 ke sims social kt fb ke, sims kt phone

well, i do love playing games and can considered myself a gamer
*safar too, loves FIFA soo much*

but i wanna talk about the sims social 

why i like this game
  1. fun
  2. easy to control
  3. create my dream 'me' n how i really wanna treat people
  4. can create and live the life i want
  5. buy things i wanna have n sell when i dont wanna them
  6. forever young
  7. i can have relationship with my love (safar of course) and woohoo *ngeee*
those are me n safa

virtual life is sooo much fun
i can be whatever i want n do whatever i please

but life is better outside
jum dating sayang!! =)

p/s: more games to go

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