Tuesday, January 10, 2012

taiping again

i find it funny when i can't stand the cold in Taiping
i used to be there for two years
n i think Keroh is cooler (used to be)

and the other think i find weird was
i can't stand the dust from road contruction
shah alam is and industrial city
excessive dusk are everywhere
but why taiping???

since i been sneezing n my eyes turned red
i asked (forcefully hehehe) safa to take me a facial treatment


seriously, my face didn't feel ichy anymore
*just a little bit stingy*
but it worth it

syg did it too..i mean having facial treatment
but he wont allowed me to upload his photos
*still believe you look cute with the mask <3*

well, after nearly 3 months, the pain now gone
think i wanna do it again
of course you too darling
but maybe add some extra things like
lulur n masage n sauna??

p/s: prevent is better than cure

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