Thursday, July 7, 2011

4.7.2011: the series of unfortunate events

the day start smoothly as we were out early
stop at gas station to fill up the tank
arrived at dataran to realise our road is closed and need to find alternative way
reached the bottom of Bukit Nanas to be stuck with parents sending their children
luckily, we could find parking for us

the day continued getting better
we met out mentors (even i was the latest to met her)
discussed about our observation
found some information
and left alone, bored to death...hehehe

the Iz went out meeting a friend
came back with bad news
he had been compounded for illegal park 
(seratus melayang kot)
before went back to Shah Alam, we decided to pay the compaund
which lead us to pusing2 to find the way
*jalan kt sini bongek*

the most important event was when we met with accident
actually, we involved with the accident
to avoid a silver camry *stupid car* we end up hitting the divider
poor Iz
his car dented and the tire blown up
thanks God by beloved baby is near by
here come the knight
thank darling for coming

and that is my story of the series of unfortunate events
p/s: no more please

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