Wednesday, July 6, 2011

teacher for 14 days

yesterday, 4.7.2011, 
was our (IZdihar, Azia and me) first day at SMK St John for our field experience
Boy’s school maa =P
I am soooo nervous as English is their first language and most of the students can speak well in English...
I had met my mentor but we not really decided anything yet as she was busy...and hungry =)
Hence, tomorrow will surely a challenge
Both Iz and Azia have the opportunity to teach in class
I wish i don’t have to do so...
But if i were to teach, please give me lower form class...pretty please
Experience teaches us, right?? 

for the next entry...
wait for
4.7.2011: the series of unfortunate events
p/s: so many things happen in one day

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hyemynameisrasyid said...

good morning madam emma~

EmmaSafa said...

miss emma la....hehee

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