Monday, July 11, 2011

segmen clara: best friend

best friend??
nothing better compares to you darling
even we are far apart
but i hope you realise how close you are to my hear

 she was the 1st friend i have a MRSM Gerik
after all, she lived next door
we do spend lots of time together
going to classes, preps, Minggu Bahasa, team up for Tunas Saintis, hang out at the back of our room, sleeping, chatting, causing chaos *glup*
skipping classes, preps, surau =D

 we do share some interest
like silat, basketball *although we both kinda small*, creating things, languages
we sure completing each other
she is my GF as she always call me her BF

five years together sure left so much memories together
although i met many people but
no body knows me like you do
i MISS you....really, i do

perancis xkan dapat curi kau dari aku!!

p/s: BF is best friend while GF is great friend

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pykafyra said...

i remember the time when u told me bout the GF, BF thing... :)

Athira Husna said...

hi awk,,sy dtg ni,, terjah blog awk,,dr segmen yg sme,, jmput dtg blog sy ye,,

deqjamucuxx said...

hyep ! deqaja pown dr segmen yg sama , sj dtg jenjalan ! :)

jom blogwalking blog deqja ok

cintadalamhati said...

droping here dari sgmn yg sme... feels free to visit my

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