Thursday, July 14, 2011

the end is near...

kalu korang gamer, perasan x ayat ni dr game mane???

done with that
okey, what i mean is my two weeks in SMK St John for FE is nearly ended
yeah, tomorrow is the last day
somehow, i feel kinda sa
*bak kate azia: sedey nk tinggal those cute boys...yeyek!!*
i'm gonna miss my mentor
miss this desk
miss the teachers
miss on9 like hell
miss everything here

this is the best experience ever!!

p/s: siapkan report ROS

2 bullets:

ken said...

gonna be fond memories :)

hyemynameisrasyid said...

ush.,game apa tu ek? heheh
pabila cg merindui mejanya.,hehe~

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