Tuesday, July 19, 2011

cikgu tak beretika

i'm pissed....i really pissed off
i never thought this could actually happen to me
*my mom actually*
this was done by a teacher... A SENIOR TEACHER
is this an example for the youngster???
is this what we want our future teachers behave??

just because rm 2900 (i know it quite a lot)
you dare yelled at my mom
she older than you
you dont know her job so just shut up and wait
you LP was not even approved dude

to my dear future teachers, please behave well
respect others
especially the supporting staffs
they work hard to maintain the smoothness of the school
without them, you never get you paycheck

p/s: feel like kickin' his ass

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the GirL said...

Chill, Chill... What goes Around Come around.. he'll pay for it someday...

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